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-- Rhekua
HEY! How this website work?
It accesses the steam store website through cURL and simplehtmldom, to check for changes in specials and saves those changes in the database. This occurs, at most, once an hour each day between 9am and 9pm PST. Ideally, I'd like to check only once a day, but I've seen sales get added and removed at all times of day.

When there is a large amount of games on sale, this site will step 30 sales at a time every 3 minutes, until a full update occurs.

If this site does not have an local image for a game, it will download the image from steam and save it server-side.

pChart PNG images and FusionCharts XML files are generated server-side when requested, if the database entries have changed.

jQuery handles all the Ajax tomfoolery.

Suggestion? Bug? Email:
I try my best to keep the data accurate; however there may be times when there are errors due to changes on Steam or flukes in code.
You should ALWAYS verify prices with the Steam Store before purchasing AND before getting excited about a game showing on sale for $0.00, etc.

Oldest record in the database is from August 28, 2010, when I first started working on this website. Lowest price is the lowest recorded price since August 28, 2010.